Finishing Christmas by Waterfall

“This path is neither cleared nor sprinkled by snow and ice. Use at your own risk.”

Few Christmas Markets are open on or after Christmas Eve, but at least one of those that is, is spectacular. Triberg, a small town in the heart of the Black Forest, hosts a market that burns brightly for only a few days from Christmas Day to just before New Year’s Eve.

Triberg Falls: Highest waterfalls in Germany
Falls lit up for nightly Christmas performances
Fire show
Paths packed with spectators

Triberg is best known as being home to the highest waterfalls in Germany, and its Christmas Market makes them a highlight. Each evening of the market, a fire show – a fire-twirling act set to a circus-y story line – is held on a platform at the colorfully lit falls themselves.

Market lights and stands
Glühwein, children’s punch and roasted chestnuts
Festgoers gather around a bonfire
Warming up

This fest is also showier than most Christmas Markets in that it has a lineup of live music, including a great mellow cover band called Voice & Boys, plus a fireworks display at closing time. But it retains a folksiness about it, particularly with an area for visitors to huddle around bonfires (it gets chilly up in the mountains!).

Unfortunately or fortunately, the entry roads to even this small town were guarded by armed police for this event. A sign of the heightened security climate just a week after the terror attack at the Berlin Christmas Market. We are always aware of our surroundings but refuse to live in fear, so took the added security presence in stride and enjoyed the market.

Mini version of the traditional Black Forest hat

To remember what may be our final visit to the Black Forest, we went into town to get ourselves a coo-coo clock and a Christmas ornament version of the traditional ladies’ hat from the Black Forest state of Baden-Württemberg: an ostentatious affair of large pom-poms (red for single ladies).

Christmas lights among the trees
All aboard the Christmas Market Express!
Festive walkways wind through the woods

And so on the final day of the Christmas season, we say Auf Wiedersehen to German Christmas Markets and feel thankful that our last visit was to one of the most remarkable ones!

Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr! / Happy New Year!

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