Once Upon a Christmas Market

Brothers Grimm & fairy tale advent calendar in Hanau

Long, long ago in a land far, far away… or this past week in nearby Hanau and Kassel… there lived two fairy tale Christmas Markets. Each one was both as lively and cozy as the next and drew visitors from far and wide.

Yes – yet again! – we trekked along the German Fairy Tale Route, to two towns where the Brothers Grimm lived and worked. At this time of year, the famous brothers’ former home towns celebrate Christmas in enchanting fairy tale style. Hanau, an early home of the Grimms, turns the building behind the larger-than-life Brothers Grimm statues into an advent calendar, revealing a new story image each day until Christmas Eve.

Kassel Christmas pyramid

Kassel, where the two story collectors lived and worked for over 30 years, brings fairy tales to life all over the main square and themes the market annually. This year Snow White took precedence among the stands, represented in pictures and figurines. My favorite aspect of this market is the unique Christmas pyramid, whose every level features characters from beloved fairy tales such as Hansel and Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, Puss in Boots, and, of course, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Entering the Kassel Christmas Market

For dessert, we went straight for the fairy tale-themed baked apples, which I had remembered well from our first visit to this market a few years ago. I let James get the marzipan-stuffed Snow White apple covered in vanilla sauce this time. Remembering how that story went, I opted for the chocolate-stuffed Rapunzel apple drizzled with eggnog and topped with whipped cream. As you can guess, we are living happily ever after.

Happy 4th Sunday of Advent from the homes of the Brothers Grimm!


5 thoughts on “Once Upon a Christmas Market

  1. Are you going to Frankfurt this week?
    Those apples sure look good!
    That pyramid looks gorgeous, and huge . Must be quite a sight to see!

    1. The apples were amazing! They’ve been calling to us since we first tried them our first or second Christmas season here. At that time, the pyramid had Rapunzel at the top with her long hair winding its way down.

      I went to Frankfurt last week for lunch and found a great Belgian fries stand. I think this week we’ll look for some other nearby markets.

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