Burg Frankenstein

The forecast called for a summer thunderstorm and hail, but instead a bright sunny day with but a few ominous clouds welcomed us to the ruins of Burg Frankenstein.

In fact, we were in time for the last day of summer Sunday events at the castle grounds. Admittedly most of the event was aimed at kids on summer vacation, but it was entertaining and educational for adults as well. An introduction to the castle’s history, a trumped up mini-dramatization of the connected-in-name-only story of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein involving audience participation (we had to sing!), and a short performance of a Normand/Christian sword fight were involved.

After the guide-led portion, we tried our hand at a Roman board game involving marbles and dice, a precursor to Backgammon. Several other ancient game stations were set up around the courtyard, including archery, as well as a few toy and dress up stations and flea market tables.

And as during normal days when the Burg is open to the public, visitors can wander the remains of the 13th century Franconian castle grounds, including its still-in-use chapel (we met a couple who married there celebrating their first anniversary), towers and walkways. A treasure room and creepy cellar are creatively decorated (or maybe used more as storage) to spark visitors’ imaginations.

They really like to take advantage of the castle’s name: I’d be interested to check out one of the dinner theater performances hosted at the Burg. In keeping with the 18th century horror theme, the stories include Dracula, Jekyll and Hyde, and Jack the Ripper in addition to Frankenstein. And, for around 30€, you can visit the Burg around Halloween when it becomes what must be one of Germany’s only haunted houses.

As a few gloomy clouds rolled in we, of course, enjoyed a Frankenstein ice cream sundae (mixed berry sauce, loads of whipped cream, and chocolate shavings) on the adjacent restaurant terrace with a charming mountain view. And to end our visit on a spooky note, a spider crawled into one of our glasses just before we could finish it.

Happy Halloween!


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